With a small budget, is it possible to make a quality video for your business? Yes it is.

Is it true that the more money you spend the better video advert you will have? No it is not

Are you a business such as a florist or restaurant? Do you wish to introduce a product into the market? Are you a service provider such as a plumber, builder or even a SEO developer? Are you a charity or a not for profit group? Whoever you are you should think about setting up a media department within your own organisation which can be very expensive or you should look at hiring a professional video production company who offer value in order to help you market yourself better.

Budgets are being slashed and organisations are closing all over the UK and at this time the importance of video marketing has never been greater. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to show your funders how vital you are to the community, or your customers that you are the best and that you can be trusted.

The more you spend never guarantees you an effective video marketing campaign, also a snazzy idea is not always necessarily key to bringing you more business or giving you the exposure you may need, but professionally compiled shots with focus, constructive and audible sound and a clear cut plan is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

You may decide to ask a student to film your video or maybe do it yourself and no doubt errors most likely will be made, the quality may be questionable and it may end up costing more money or more importantly more time. If producing a video this way is your only option then we would advise you to go for it, otherwise you may risk being left behind in such a media and social marketing driven economy. If you do have a bit of finance or marketing budget then we would recommend contacting your local video production company who have the experience to be able to deliver a video to you with high standards. Always haggle the price because they also need the work and would rather offer you a discounted video rather than you calling their competitors.

Also do not, I repeat do not be dazzled by High Definition, more production companies are offering True HD when in reality it is not true HD, just check the price difference between a HD TV and a HD Ready TV and ask yourself the question why that is? True HD is still very expensive, also not everyone has the internet speeds to watch your video in HD seamlessly which can have a negative effect so there really is no point spending so much more money.

Building your media presence is vitally important for all organisations big or small, so don’t wait until it is too late.

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