Ok so you have added a Facebook page to promote you business, but now you have to bring in potential clients to join your group on Facebook to eventually create further sales or recognition. We ourselves have just began our first Facebook campaign as social networking is the new way to promote both business and networks of possible collaborations and with anything it does take time to build, but let us give you that head start.

It seems easy enough to add videos as mentinoed in ehow and facebook.

Some organisations who are contacting you through a hard sale technique are currently charging you up to £1200 which is far too much, unless you wish to advertise on television. They offer a very impersonal service and they do not even give you the finished film so that you can then add the video to your own website instead after the video is completed they will hold you to ransom so that the video is only visible on their own website so please beware!

RKD Films

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