It has been quite some time since we last blogged on RKD Films website. Filming for our documentary feature has been really hectic, with interviews all over the country and beyond, we are sure that it will be a huge eye opener for anyone who is interested in Cinema and Films. But we still have managed to successfully complete many video projects in between, without compromising deadlines, quality and value for our clients and all within budget.

A recent video we have produced was for Solihull Carers Centre in association with Skills For Care and Skills for Life. The video is a national campaign focusing on the Common Core Principles or CCP for Carers, focusing on case studies of real people, who have or had a huge responsibility in their life by taking care of their loved ones. The video is an in depth look into the lives of 8 carers and how professionals in the industry can listen and help support carers in a way which suits the carers needs, after all everybody becomes a carer sometime in their life.

We were initially brought onto the project after another video company had produced a video which was extremely disappointing and I would love to name and shame them and claw back some of the money paid, as charities need every penny that they get. But sometimes certain video producers let their personal artistic ambitions cloud their judgement for what is best for the client and the clients goal.

RKD Films are very pleased to have produced such a memorable video for such a good cause, and we hope to continue producing videos that make a difference.

The entire video was just over 1 hour long on DVD with a DVD Rom facility but here is a taste with the introduction.

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