Swan UK – syndromes without a name

6 minutes - Urdu with subtitles

Living Well With Dementia

Approx 1 min sample

Alström Syndrome UK

2 min preview

TB West Midlands

2 min preview

Step Up

10 mins - Short Drama

Passenger Lift Services Ltd

Approx: 3 mins

Solihull Carers Centre

2 min sample

Career Development Group

Approx: 10 min

Action Against Medical Accidents

Approx: 10 min

Planning Aid England

3 min sample

Age Concern Dignity in Care Awards

Special Awards Night - Approx: 15 mins

Living with Alström Syndrome – Arabic

Approx: 18 mins

CDG – Formal Networking

How to network - Approx: 8 mins

Volunteer Centre Wandsworth

Importance of volunteering - Approx: 13 mins

CDG – Welfare to Work Conference

Welfare to Work Convention Approx: 10 mins

Age Concern Safety & Support Play Part 2

Punjabi - Approx: 11 minutes

NHS Dementia Awareness

Vascular Dementia Within The Community - Sample Video : Approx 2 mins

Age Concern Involvement Day

Age Concern Metro Rochdale - Approx: 10 mins

Living with Alström Syndrome

English - Approx: 15 mins

TB in the West Midlands

TB Introduction - Approx: 2 min

Living With Alström Syndrome – Hindi

Approx: 16 mins