Charity Films are a powerful tool which can be used by all charities and non-profit organisations with little or no budget.

They can assist in fundraising campaigns, raise public awareness and appeal to donors. Charity Films also encourage corporate sponsors to create ongoing partnerships by giving them an immediate understanding of the help their money provides.

No matter how big or small your budgets are films can be made and they should be posted on as many social networks and video websites as possible in order to spread the word and help build the profile of the organisation. One of the best You Tube channels that exist for charities are the PDSA, they continually grow their web presence with a whole list of videos containing tips, competitions and fund raising video’s, so we take our hats off to the PDSA.

We would like to make all charitable organisations aware that budgets should not restrain you from making that vital promotional video. So next time you do hold an event, take as many photographs as possible and if brave enough then use a domestic video camera. These images should not only help you with your monitoring requirements but then these same images can be vital to help your chosen video production company produce your video more cost effectively or alternatively if budgets are limited as so many charities are feeling the pinch, then please make yourself familiar with windows movie maker and experiment with cutting a montage of stills using some of You Tubes very own free copyright music… yes they do have copywrite music you can use and yes it is free.

At this stage no matter what, do not worry about style over content and producing your own video using this no cost method will show sponsors and funders that you are being resourceful especially during this time of budget restraints.

We have always believed that charities should keep as much of their money as possible in order to provide their services to those who need it most. A professional video production company should only be called in if absolutely imperative that a professional video be made and that is a decision that should be made by senior management, also as an extra note if you do hire a professional video production company then planning and pre production is the most important aspect to save money, time and resources.

If any charity does need advice then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to give you as much help as possible.

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