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What can we say about 3D? As a video production company we are supposed to say that 3D is the future and soon everyone will be producing nothing but 3D videos and movies, but we do like to buck the trend at RKD Films and we are thinking out loud so please bear with us.

3D is a fantastic tool when done correctly and you do expect all the major brands in the world to have already begun filming 3D advertisements for Television and the Cinema such as car adverts for instance, which we think is justified.

But we are ashamed of the major movie studios that would turn a movie that has no right to be 3D into a 3D movie in order to purely make more money at the box office. The glasses are uncomfortable at best, as they steam up during the screening and just damage the film watching experience, although the technology used with the new Nintento 3DS will be very interesting, which we are yet to have a peak at. Toy Story 3 and The Green Hornet are just two films amongst the mass who shamelessly profiteer from this racket, unless as a viewer you ingest a batch of LSD which will then not require you to wear glasses at all, but we would not recommend that. Whereas films such as all Robert Zemeckis Films and Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton are fully justifiable who may I add is the modern day Pablo Picasso due to his visionary genius. Also ask yourself the question, why was Inception not in 3D? Was James Cameron too eager with Avatar?

Coming back to the future, we are wondering how many years it will take until Minority Report style hologram projections will become a reality and also be affordable for everyone to have this technology. The organisations who develop or introduce this technology will no doubt become multi billionaires overnight, but most likely this tech is already available but all the major companies are waiting for the market to consume 3D before 3D Hologram is introduced.

How about this theory? If you use a minimum of four camera’s to film an object from four different angles and then project all four angles using four projectors into the centre of the room then is this not a possibility? Obviously you need the projectors to project onto some sort of screen, but with advancements in technology there is a possibility that using laser, air particles and with the correct lighting conditions the projection may be visible to the naked human eye.

Don’t get us wrong we are sure that there is a lot more to it than that, for instance joining all four angle seamlessly, algorithms and countless amounts of research, but just imagine that movies and home entertainment will no longer be in the corner of the room or mounted on a wall on a flat screen TV, instead it will be visible from all angles in the centre of the room or wherever you want it to be. It can be presented life size without deterioration of quality, and you can walk around the 3D image so that all you guys out there can see Angelina Jolie or all you girls out there can see Brad Pitt life size and from possibly all angles which will possibly be the demise for Madam Tussauds…sorry. Just imagine the educational value of such technology as demonstrated in Iron Man

Don’t worry we are sure you are right and thinking that RKD Films have lost their minds and have no clue regarding how this is practically possible. We don’t think 3D was ever a revolution as it dates back to 1915, instead with all the digital technology available 3D Hologram Home Entertainment is just around the corner and this will truly blow your minds.

Check it out for yourself and tell us how excited you are.

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